Do you welcome breakdowns?


Let's talk standards here to make sure we are on the same page: a breakdown is a moment in your life when you hear yourself think or say: “something is wrong” OR “this is not acceptable anymore” OR “this is a problem”…

The question is: what do you do when that happens? Ignore it, telling yourself that it's not that bad and it can wait OR do you pause and reflect? The way we react to breakdowns influence greatly the results we produce. A big part of our identity has to do with our actions in handling the inevitable breakdowns in our life. And… the way we manage our breakdowns has a huge impact on our ability to create peacefulness and creativity for ourselves.

So look at a breakdown that recently happened in your life and ask yourself:
-    what was your reaction?
-    what story did you tell yourself?
-    Would you react differently on hindsight