Accepting humanity


Recently I read an article on the principle of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is part of a Zulu phrase which refers to the concept of community, oneness and compassion. It means “I am because you are”.

In some regions of South Africa, when a person does something wrong, he or she is brought to the center of the village. Surrounded by their community, they speak of all the good that “bad” person has done. This ritual lasts 2 days. They believe that each individual is fundamentally good, yet sometimes makes an error of judgment. And this judgment is a cry for help. So, the community unite in this ritual to support and encourage the person to reconnect to their essential nature. The foundational belief is that connection and affirmation is much more powerful in creating change than shame and punishment. This is true Ubuntu: humanity towards others.

So, let me see.
Connection instead of turning our backs and isolating somebody.
Oneness and accepting humanity instead of blaming and shaming.
Compassion and understanding instead of arrogance.
I think there is a lesson to be learned here…