Who is driving the BMW?


Are you suffering from “false loyalty” in your life?
Meaning you are favoring others while letting yourself down?
Having difficulty setting boundaries?
Being a happy little frog to a nasty scorpion?
Well, you might be in good company.

While making difficult others overly important in our imagination or our lives, we basically send the message “hit me and I will still love you”. What we need to watch out for is that we are not letting the other person’s issue become about us. And with us I don’t mean the rational adult in us. This part of ourselves usually is objective and able to reason in a way that is conducive to our own well-being. No, I mean the emotional part of us, whose feelings often stem from childhood pains. And this is the part that we are usually blindly loyal to.

The question is: do we want our emotional self to drive the BMW? Or the rational adult? I guess we can agree that we want our rational self in the driver’s seat and our emotional self in the back seat. We want to tend TO it, not FROM it. And if this emotional part of ourselves feels bottomless, we need to realize that this part of ours will always look for someone to fill the hole. So, let’s make sure you choose wisely here: which one of your relationships nourishes you?