The Mindful Leader: mental strategy #2: practicing patience


In today’s stressful world we often practice the opposite of patience: impatience. When we take a break, we find ourselves thinking “what am I doing here? I could do some work instead!”
Patience is needed here: staying with this break we have decided we needed and not giving into the restlessness, telling us to get up.

Patience is also a helpful attitude when we experience anything unpleasant. Whether it is a physical pain, stress, sadness or anger.
Being patient in this kind of situation means that we have the courage to stay with it and we suppress our first impulse of escaping it. The thing is, when we try to escape the feeling, it will definitely appear again later. Anything unpleasant can only be solved where it arises. Which is in our mind.

So finding the courage to staying with any unpleasant feeling, facing it directly and dealing with it by observing it neutrally, we can overcome it…

Source: The Potential Project Singapore