The Mindful Leader: mental strategy #4: having a beginner's mind


No moment is the same as any other. Everything is changing constantly and everything is new. Seeing things as if for the first time opens our mind to see the endless potential in ourselves, in others and in all situations. Experiencing things as if for the first time is very different from our ordinary way of seeing things, which is conditioned by old habits of perception. When we meet someone we know well, we can ask ourselves whether we see the person as he or she really is or whether we merely see a reflection of what we think we already know about that person. Do we see the present reality or an old collection of memories?

Having a beginner’s mind means that you have a mind that has the ability to see any situation with fresh eyes rather than with biased limitations. It means to see the positive potential in situations, in other people and in ourselves.

How can we practice a beginner’s mind?
A quick answer to this is to stay curious whenever an encounter or situation occurs.Watch your beliefs, opinions and biases and do not jump to conclusions and try to stay curious.

How can a beginner’s mind help us in our daily work?
It stands to reason that by being more curious, more open, less critical, our presence becomes more accommodating. Life becomes less difficult, not because life is changing, but because we are changing the way we experience things and relate to them…

Quoting Jack Welsh, former CEO at GE: “Face reality as it is, not as it was, or as you wish it to be…”

Source: The Potential Project Singapore