The keys to success


As we are all striving for success in our lives, here’s what I learned so far:

  • Remain undeterred whatever the challenge.
    Successful people persevere by developing solutions and workarounds that make sense within the context of their cultures. Find out what is standing in your way, look at people who have solved similar problems and move on.
  • Cultivate the required skill set.
    Confidence is just a feeling. You have to build on it by taking action. Focus on your strengths and look for opportunities.
  • Focus.
    Define yourself and focus. You have to be very clear what you want to do, before you start doing it.
  • Integrate life and livelihood.
    It is always a challenge to achieve work/life balance. Find a way to work at both things together. Don’t apologize for concentrating on one or the other. And, most importantly, ask for help. Get support on the home front for family chores. And delegate in the office as much as possible.
  • Accelerate your success.
    Stop waiting to be recognized in the office. Promote your own successes and achievements.
  • Find a way to lead.
    Unless you find opportunities to lead and seize them decisively, real success will elude you…

If this makes sense to you, have fun practicing!