The Mindful Leader: mental strategy #7: practicing joy


Our nervous system reacts to the state of our mind.
The way we feel has a direct effect on our body as well as our actions. Developing positive states of mind is a very efficient way of becoming better at what we already do well.

When we take joy in something we expand both our physical and mental resources. We become better at problem solving and faster at learning. Our social abilities expand and enable us to develop new bonds and solidify existing bonds. Our physical resources are strengthened and support better health. From a psychological point of view we develop stronger resilience and optimism.

We can cultivate joy through our mindfulness training. One way of doing this would be by allowing yourself to enjoy the training. Allowing yourself to relax while you sit for those 10 minutes per day. During this time you do not need to perform. Or be the best. Mindfulness training can be your time, the minutes a day you give to yourself.
Make sure you enjoy it.

Source: The Potential Project Singapore