The victim persecutor rescuer attitude


Going through life we often learn behaviors that was conducive to us at one point in our life. A way to cope so to speak. However, we are often not aware that we never let go of these learned behaviors. They became us and they especially show up when the going gets tough.

While being under pressure, some people act like victims: “why does this always happen to me?”. Others prefer the role of persecutors: “if you don’t do X by Y, then…”. And again others jump to the rescue, barging in, offering advice or help without even being asked.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these?
If so, is this attitude still working for you?
If not, could you perhaps turn these 3 attitudes into a more powerful version of themselves? Like:
Victim attitude: instead of blaming and not taking responsibility, showing up more vulnerable and communicating how this situation makes you feel?
Persecutor attitude: instead of being resentful, being more assertive?
Rescuer attitude: instead of being a martyr, showing compassion?