The Mindful Leader: mental strategy #8: just let go


“Letting go” is the practice of not holding on to all thoughts and emotions we experience when we practice mindfulness. We are used to engaging every thought that arises in our mind. Instead of letting it go like a bird flying across the sky, we follow our thoughts and emotions and get caught up in them. Thus, we tend to carry a burden of useless thoughts.

The mental strategy of “letting go” of the thoughts c.q. emotions rather than engaging them makes our mind lighter and more flexible, like a computer that has had its hard disk cleansed. Bring this strategy of “letting go” into your daily life. 
Let go, just be present and see what you see.
No judgments, just clear awareness.
See how that feels...

PS: I would like to end this week’s blog with a quote from Yoda: “your focus determines your reality”

Source: The Potential Project Singapore