Confidence or belief in oneself. Our choices and success in life, career and relationships often depend on it. Is it something that comes natural to us or is it something we can build over time? In my opinion it can be a bit of both. Looking at people who are confident, what do we see? Words that come to my mind are: self-assured, courageous, certain, determined, tenacious. People who lack self-confidence can look doubtful, fearful, hesitant, uncertain.

Looking at my own life I know that my confidence was closely linked to my beliefs about myself. The stories I told myself. The moment I started to relook and redefine my negative stories, confidence felt more natural as well. The question to ask ourselves is: what would be the right amount of confidence in a certain situation? And then work with what comes up and what we need to change in order to move forward with more confidence.

If you need inspiration practicing being more confident here is a quote that I read some time ago: “walk not as if the place is yours but as if you don't give a damn who owns it”…