The sound of silence


I recently attended a presentation of masterful colleague Fran Fisher who shared her views on the importance of creating silence in our lives. As life seems to become more frantic every year, I feel I need to write something about it.

We all need time to reflect in order to answer those difficult questions that pop up from time to time. And yet, we don’t take the time to be still and reflect. And if we do, we pollute the space in our head by noise, often verbal. Think of beliefs that we have around certain situations or people and that we keep on repeating to ourselves, emotions that drive those beliefs, getting lost in other thoughts that pop up, thinking of things on our to-do list. The noise is endless, if you think about it.

So the question really is: how comfortable are we with silence?
Does it feel awkward? Stressful? If so, are you willing to try something new? Try listening to the “sound” of silence. No speech. No noise. No rushing in. Just space. And then address those questions that you would like to get an answer to.
See what you hear…