How do YOU approach a horse?


I recently watched the movie "28 days" where a woman goes into rehab to kick addiction. Part of the program was to work with horses. The so-called "equine assisted" coaching where horses are considered to be powerful personal development partners. The horse acts like a mirror, showing us what we need to see about ourselves and what we need to address.

The question that the participants needed to answer was: "how do you approach a horse?". As the way we approach a horse reflects the way we approach life. It got me thinking... Even though I used to ride horses and even owned a horse at one point, my approach to horses was always fear-based. And I grudgingly have to admit that this shows up as well in my general approach to life. Interesting! As this approach is often not very conducive for me. Definitely something I want to explore further.

How about you? How do YOU approach a horse?
Anything interesting coming up for you?