To trust or not to trust? That IS the question!


So many books have been written about it. And even more conversations held around it. And it makes sense as it is at the basis of every relationship we have. On a professional level as well as a personal level.
What is trust exactly?
And why is it so important to us?

Quoting Stephen Covey: “trust is the foundation of everything we do and the key leadership competency of the new global economy”.
In my work as a coach I encounter more and more people whose performance is dragged down by interpersonal conflicts, the political climate in companies and lack of leadership skills from their superiors. With all the emotions that come with it: frustration, anger, resentment and sometimes fear. And one way or another it often comes down to trust.

I decided to read a book recommended by colleagues: “the thin book of trust” by Charles Feltman. He distinguishes 4 distinctions of trust:

  • Sincerity: do we walk our talk?
  • Reliability: do we keep our promises?
  • Competence: are we clear about what we can and can’t do? In terms of our skills, capacity, knowledge, time? And do we communicate clearly about that?
  • Care: do we not only have our own interests at heart but also other people’s interests?

It definitely gives me a more solid basis to work on with my clients. Very welcome as trust, authenticity and leadership go hand in hand. In my opinion.

So next time when you experience this uncanny feeling that something is not right, how about reflecting on the above?