Are you a scorpion or a frog?


A friend of mine recently reminded me of the story of the scorpion and the frog. Do you know it? If not, here it is: a scorpion wants to cross a river but he can't swim and initiates a conversation with a frog who can help him get across. The frog is willing to please and hesitant at the same time, well aware that the scorpion can kill him if he were to help him. He voices his concerns and the scorpion says "why would I do that, as you are helping me?". After some consideration the frog decides to help the scorpion. When the scorpion arrives on the other side of the river he stings the frog. The frog, while dying, asks the scorpion "why did you do that, I just helped you?" And the scorpion replies "because it is in my nature"...

So here's a suggestion for all “people pleasers” out there (and it takes one to know one ;-), having expectations that are often not fulfilled: don’t be the frog to the scorpion...!