Making meetings work


We have all experienced being with people who are not present with us. We have also caught ourselves in not being present with others. The greatest gift you can give is the value of your full presence. The essence of meeting is being fully present with the people we are with, for as long as we are with them. In this way, any meeting can be turned into a mindfulness training: you make the person, or persons, the object of our training. It is not only a nice gesture to really be fully present. It can also be an efficient way to get to the point, training our focus and save time and energy.

There are 3 phases in every meeting: the preparation, the meeting itself and the closing. Next time when you have a meeting, try to take a break just before you enter the meeting and focus on what is coming up. When you get into the meeting be fully present with the people you are with. It turns out that meetings where people are fully present don’t drag on unnecessarily and can be brought to a close quite naturally. And…you can also use these principles meeting people at the coffee machine or in the corridor…