The boom/bust mentality


Are you one of those hard workers trying each day to get to the bottom of the list? Working project after project and going home, often late, frustrated that, again, you didn’t get there? Having an attitude of boom or bust c.q. all or nothing?

Here’s what I learned after 30+ years of trying to get there: there will always be a list! Nowadays I ask myself: what is a sustainable way I can keep on doing what I love most?
No boom/bust mentality anymore! Working too long hours! Nowadays I am satisfied with only addressing the top of the list. Let’s say the top 5. As the bottom is filling up automatically anyway. Always.
Nowadays I take the anxiety off the list and leave the list at 6pm until the next day.

And a TIP: put challenging items on top of the list. Especially the ones that take up bandwidth in your head e.g. a difficult conversation or phone call to make…