"Fear of Missing Out" specifies the uneasiness we can experience when we feel that we are not part of or out of touch with social events or interactions with other people. We might not know exactly what we are missing, but still feel fearful that our colleagues or friends have a much better time than we have or a much more rewarding experience than we have. Think conversations, a meeting or a party. Sounds familiar?

Thanks to social media, most of us, in particular the majority of adults between 18 and 34 years old, say “yes” to everything due to the Fear of Missing Out. Research in the US and the UK shows that FoMO actually distracts people from focusing on their work or operating vehicles. It results in constantly checking on social media updates or emails and can lead to loss of authentic engagement in real life interactions. And it happens to all of us.

A nice test to see if you are affected is to change one little habit related to this. It could be checking your emails only 3x per day. Or not connecting to FaceBook or Instagram for a whole day. And… if you really want to stretch yourself, how about disconnecting for a week?
Notice how you react to these suggestions and ask yourself if it might be time to regain some kind of control here? As research also shows that mastering these skills brings more peace of mind and joy?