We are more than our perceived limitations


How do you overcome setbacks and challenges?
Do they have a big impact on you?
Do you see them as opportunities for growth or as energy draining obstacles?

Perhaps we can learn something here from the little hummingbird. It is a tiny bird which is totally not equipped to fly long distances and yet, every year, it is migrating from North America to Brasil. It just goes and feeds on a special nectar from flowers which equips it to go the distance.

Looking at this tiny creature, how do WE get the courage to go through this epic journey through life? What do WE feed on? Could it be that we also need to extract the nectar out of the stuff life is handing us? And if so, how do we do that? The answer is: realizing that we are more than our perceived limitations. That we just need to look further and dig a little bit deeper sometimes. And, be patient to see what else could be available to us...
Worth a try?