We speak ourselves into the world


We all have a narrative. It is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, our relationships, our work and colleagues, our breakdowns. To just name a few. And within our narrative, we act in a way that seems reasonable. To us. That’s why we almost never respond well when someone points out that we are unreasonable. We don’t see it, because our narrative doesn’t allow us to.

The interesting thing is, the stories we tell ourselves aren’t necessarily true. They are just OUR version, OUR perception, OUR opinion about what is going on. They are completely subjective. And… highly influenced by our moods and emotions. The thing is: we see the world not as it is, but as we are. Somebody else may have a different view.

We speak ourselves into the world.
If the results you are creating for yourself aren’t helping you making the impact you seek, have a look at your narrative. And start there…