Get Sit Done


Did you ever wonder why it is so hard to be still and quiet? 
Why you resist spending time by yourself, leaving your phone in another room, driving without the radio on or sitting in meditation?

We have engineered our lives to avoid stillness and silence because of what is waiting for us there. The discomfort. The sadness. The anxiety. The emptiness. Memories. Regrets. The lonesome frontiers. The familiar jab of “I am not enough”. These dark hollows within us become apparent when we aren’t shoveling achievements, accomplishments, and productivity on top. Ticking to-dos, multi-tasking and browser-hopping are all clever tactics stemming from a cunning unconscious strategy to avoid pain, emptiness, fear, and whatever else is waiting for us in the void. Plus, we don’t feel whole, just as we are, so we shovel load after load of accomplishments to fill the “whole”.

But here is the irony: the key to our wholeness is buried in the depths of stillness and silence, waiting to be excavated. It offers us access to answers we are aching for, through the voice of our inner wisdom.
So instead of moving forward all the time, try this: get still, sit down, be quiet. Get Sit Done. And stay curious...