The Subject Object Conundrum


Going through life we take on board many opinions of others. Sometimes important people in our lives. And we are generally not aware of how much our view of ourselves or our world are impacted by those beliefs. We are SUBJECT to those beliefs and we make our choices or decisions looking through that “beliefs filter”. If this filter is a positive one, we move through life with ease and joy in general. However, if the filter is a negative one, we often struggle without really knowing what is bugging or blocking us and why we do not create the results we want even though we work so hard…

The moment we reach out and ask for help, we bring in a fresh pair of eyes. More objective so to speak. By having conversations that open up our limiting or restricting beliefs, we can move forward and shift to a different stance.
The stance of looking AT our way of being and our thought patterns.
We move from being SUBJECT to our beliefs to looking at them as an OBJECT.
The moment we are able to look AT them, a whole new world opens up.
A world of new actions to take and thus new results to be created.

And it all starts by acknowledging “I don’t know…”?