A to-do list. Handy tool or not?


A to-do list. Handy tool or not?
Let’s face it, we all have them. The question is: is it a handy tool that really helps us managing our time better or do we use it frantically and did we become its slave?

If we want it to be a handy tool, then we need to be clear on what we want it to do for us. Meaning, do we cram it with urgent priorities (to be done immediately) important tasks (afraid we might forget them) and basic stuff (things that make us feel good to check off the list)?
If so, then we might feel overwhelmed pretty quickly.

What I recently learned is to really be clear about the function of the list. In the example above this would mean creating 3 lists:

  • List no. 1 for items that need to be completed today
  • List no. 2 for important projects that are not time-sensitive
  • List no. 3 is a reminder of the things that you decided are not worth your time

You can easily see that the one to struggle with will be list no. 3…