Enjoying peace


We all long for peace. When we are at peace with ourselves and the world, we feel calm, relaxed and whole. It protects us from stress and makes us more resilient. We see more possibilities and we transmit this positive energy to others, which improves our relationships with them. Looking at all these benefits we might want to get more of this in our lives. But how can we do that?

According to Rick Hanson there are 4 kinds of peace:

  • The peace of ease: it is the peace of relaxation and relief that comes in many forms. For example: looking at nature and instantly feeling peaceful. We take it in when we feel it.
  • The peace of tranquility: this is a deep quiet that we feel in mind and body, before the mind kicks us into action. It’s a non-reactivity that soothes us. An example: feeling peaceful after a yoga workout.
  • The peace of awareness: this is a subtler kind of peace. Imagine being upset and your mind is racing. At the same time there is a place inside your that is simply witnessing, untroubled by what it sees. This place of clear awareness and no judgement is always at peace.
  • The peace of what is unchanging: things change all the time, however, there are some things that don’t change. An example: the good deed you did last week, will always have happened. This is something that will not change and hence it is reliable. And reliable feels peaceful.

Looking at these 4 kinds of peace, which one is easily accessible to you?And which one would you like to have more of?