In the meantime


Have you ever been in that place? This “in the meantime” phase? The place where you find yourself after you have let go of old habits, thought patterns, sometimes even relationships, that no longer fit the new You? The You that honors the values, boundaries, new way of thinking and being that you have defined for yourself. It feels good to move forward in life and feel free, liberated, leaving old dysfunctional patterns behind.

Except, getting solidly to this new place, feeling secure and anchored there, takes time. And this “in between time” can make us feel vulnerable, exposed, naked. And that’s scary. Perhaps making you wonder if this whole transition and transformation was worth it? You might even consider moving back to your old self as that feels more “secure” and familiar. The question is, would that be a move that honors your truth? The very thing you worked so hard for?

The key is to trust yourself and hang in there, keep on breathing, while moving forward. Living your truth. And know, that what you are doing takes guts and stamina and is definitely not for the faint-hearted!