We are what we believe


Now there’s a bold statement.
What are “beliefs”?
And how do they become so powerful that they sometimes take over our life?

Let’s assume that a belief is a thought that we keep on thinking over and over again. And that we see as “the truth”. This implies that this belief can then also easily inhabit not only our way of thinking but also our way of listening. As a result, this belief can also influence our emotions and behavior. Positively or negatively. Taking all that into account, it’s easy to see that our belief(s) then create our reality.

So what’s next you might think?
In my belief we need to get awareness.
Because when we have awareness, we have a choice.
Now how do we get to that awareness?
Let’s ask ourselves some questions:

  • What do you believe about who you are?
  • What are your beliefs about what you can and can’t do?
  • What do you believe about money?
  • What do you believe about power?
  • What do you believe about death?
  • What belief is most difficult?
  • What belief is most joyful?
  • What other beliefs do you notice?

Once you have more clarity about your beliefs, then investigate where those beliefs show up in your personal or professional life. And if you want to challenge them, define for yourself how much of this belief is helping you achieve the goals you want and how much of this belief you are willing to shed. Then try to practice working with an adapted or different belief. Stay curious and see what happens…