INNERGIE Coaching & Communication is headed by Monique Fanselow PCC, a Business Life coach, with 20 years of international business experience as a communication consultant managing projects and developing people. 

"My multicultural clients are professionals who care deeply and diligently, feeling pressured to meeting the demands of a busy personal and professional life. I help them make the transition from being in overwhelm to being in charge. Challenge them to play a bigger and bolder game, push through self-limiting habits and beliefs, make real change happen. "

My focus is on:

  • Transition & Change
  • Leadership & communication skills
  • Relationship intelligence & soft skills
  • Stress management & work life balance


Prior to becoming a coach, Monique worked as a communication consultant for a range of industries and services such as: Healthcare, N.G.O.’s, Consultancies, Electronics, Chemical, FMCG, Ceramics, and Government. In addition to her coaching qualifications, she holds a Bachelors equivalent in Internal & Corporate Communications (ISBW, The Netherlands) and certificates in Social Psychology, Psychopathology I & II and Social Sciences (Open University, The Netherlands).

Monique is Dutch and has lived, in addition to The Netherlands, in Belgium, England, France, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.
She now lives in France (Geneva area).