“It has been an incredible journey of discovering the REAL me, and Monique has been the best travel companion. She helped me define the route I wanted/needed to explore to find back confidence and happiness and she helped me to stick with it. For many months Monique has been a guide, a great listener, patient and pushy when needed, a trustful coach. The coaching process has grown in intensity from one coaching session to the other, thanks to the different techniques that Monique has used: the circle exercise, the body dispositions for powerful presence, journaling, mindfulness and Headspace. However, the one technique that really stood out for me and brought me to a great place in my journey has been Immunity To Change, an eye opener on where I used to be, what was holding me there and what to do to find the NEW me, both professionally and personally. The coaching sessions have finished, and I carry with me what I have learned, using the techniques Monique has taught me to stay on track. A great experience with a great person, thank you Monique.

L.T. PhD, Executive Becton Dickinson and Company, Switzerland


A reflection of my coaching…. Monique is a committed and sincere coach who communicates in a clear and direct way. She challenged me to explore alternatives and discover the solutions to my questions myself. The coaching conversations helped me get more clarity with what I wanted to achieve and develop strategies to bring to the organization. I got many new insights from communication techniques, mindfulness exercises, useful articles, trying a new refreshing approach. My best take-away from my coaching conversations was “being” a good leader instead of “doing” a good leader. 

Monique’s coaching was just in time, at that point of my career, to save me from burning out from the overwhelming amount of work that was towering over me.”
Dr. L.T. Lee, Clinical director Ren Ci Hospital, Singapore

I have been coached by Monique on and off for over five years and with her support I have a found a balance that I never thought existed, nevver mind that I would have. During our sessions, Monique never told me what to do but encouraged me to think deeply about both my professional and personal situation and helped me see how one clearly affected the other. With this approach and her support I have grown in confidence while remaining authentic to myself. There are still improvements to be made but the practices I developed with Monique keep me moving forward even when the coaching stopped. I have been
on an emotional journey of true self discovery with Monique and I would recommend her to anyone ready to follow a similar path.
A.T., Senior Executive from Japan Tobacco International, Switzerland

Monique coached me over a 6 months period and throughout this time she helped me unpack my limiting beliefs and shift my ways into action. The Immunity To Change sessions were what truly cracked me open and allowed for me to create many breakthroughs in my life. These sessions allowed me to create a map for myself, from identifying my triggers of feeling stuck and knowing what to do to get me out. Our sessions have enabled me to access my body and emotions to jumpstart me into actioin and align my thoughts to empower me. I use these self-maps every day in all aspects in my life and have seen great results in my health, business and finances.

Myljoy Polestico, Managing Director MYLZ, Singapore

“At the start of the 6 coaching sessions with Monique, I must be honest I was quite unsure if it would change anything for me, but went along with it as a work requirement. At the end of the 6 conversations the skills, mind-shifts and communication techniques shared by Monique had a big impact on my professional and personal life. It truly moved the needle providing new lenses and approaches to deal with challenging situations.”
Y.K., Executive from Equinix, United Arab Emirates
”In 6 sessions we were able to completely change my approach to my new role. It definitely allowed me to be more impactful!”
Executive from Becton Dickinson and Company, Switzerland
“Monique's skillful and compassionate coaching helped me transcend a big challenge in my life. I am blessed to have worked with Monique. What stood out for me were her coaching techniques, her flexibility, her generosity, her sharing of relevant sources when called for. Thank you for being a witness to a new phase of my life path: a new paradigm welcoming a future with more possibilities and a different drive.“
Mona Jahja, Consultant & Coach, Jakarta
”Thank you once again for leading me through my personal development. A really great experience and hugely beneficial transformation.”
Executive from Japan Tobacco International, Switzerland
“A truly ‘insightful’ experience! In today’s day and age when we are constantly struggling with time management and challenged with multitasking, this workshop helped me re-visit my purpose of life and be more mindful of my priorities. I really liked the interactive dialogue with practical approach that we can easily implement in our lives by simply being more ‘aware’ of our body, mind and language. Excellent content and delivery. A highly recommended program. Thank YOU Monique, your energy and enthusiasm was simply infectious.”
S.K., Executive Dupont de Nemours, United Arab Emirates
“I loved the community of sharing that we created amongst the members of our group. A really safe place for some really pivotal personal work. Monique has amazing skills of listening and empathy. She allows space for silence. She empowers the Newfield concepts with clear examples and stories. She is respectful, calm, and nurturing. With the self-practiced tools of Newfield, she can take you to a whole new level of self-awareness.”
Sarah Manning, Head of Curriculum International Yoga Teachers Association, Singapore

“Definitely one of my favourite meetings of the week! I love to learn. About specific business areas, about human behaviour, about life… But perhaps most importantly, about myself, and how I will enable myself to sincerely and effectively help others. Eventually. Through the coaching sessions with Monique I came one step closer to reaching that goal. I wanted to tackle a number of specific personal challenges, and she provided me with different points of view, opened my eyes, and provided me with practical tools, that I am still using day in day out.
I loved the positive and practical approach, combined with personal input.”
J.B., Entrepreneur, Singapore

“I came away with some important life skills in the short span of the few sessions. Monique is a very efficient, highly organized and detailed teacher. She made sure every student felt comfortable in her teaching environment. Most importantly Monique is tenacious, in a good way. It is a privilege to have someone like her on your side as a teacher, with your interests at heart.”
Dr. Melina Ong, Chartered/Senior Physiotherapist, Singapore