"Monique gave me valuable insights into my coaching techniques, helping me improve my skills with very specific guidance and actionable tips. Her enthusiasm, clarity and direct communication style allowed me to quickly make progress. Although I was already an experienced coach when I began working with Monique, the skills I developed with her guidance have taken my practice to a whole new level."
Aneace Haddad, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Culture Shifter, Singapore

Working with Monique allowed me to build my coaching practice as well as grow in confidence and courage. This allowed me to be more effective in my coaching profession and my overall professional performance. I have created more trust and respect in my coaching relationships and from my work colleagues because I was able to ask questions that I haven't had the courage to do so before; as well as deliver results I didn't know I was capable of. I highly recommend Monique's mentor coaching sessions to all coaches, no matter which career stage they may be at.
Sebastian Schick, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker, Germany

“Monique has been mentor-coaching me over the past 6 months. What
I really value in our work together is her clear, direct, constructive guidance given in such a supportive and constructive way.  I’m really getting ideas and suggestions that suit the way I like to work and delivered in a way that feels so practical, generous and informed.  She has a wealth of knowledge, energy and commitment to coaching, it is hard not to be energized by that!  I particularly value her expertise and encouragement which has been very affirming yet at the same time immensely helpful in terms of growing my own practice.“
Jane E Grafton MBE/MBA, Mindfulness Coach and Trainer The Potential Project, United Kingdom

"I was an absolutely beginner in coaching when I met Monique. Within only a couple of sessions with her, my experience transformed from sweaty palms and nervous feet to a much more relaxed and mindful presence. She set a good pace and made sure that I only need to focus on 2-3 improvement areas each time. Her energetic, clear and direct communication style was engaging and effective in enabling me to progress fast and steady. Outside the coaching sessions, she is always there to help whenever I have questions. I loved reading her replies, witty, inspiring and caring. Monique is a strong believer in the Ontological coaching philosophy, and she role-models it in her daily being. I consider myself very fortunate to having Monique as my first coaching mentor!"
Dannie Zhuang, Senior Consumer Insight Manager in Unilever Asia, Singapore